Our State of the art automation solutions are based on Multi platforms like Aveva Wonderware,Rockwell Automation,Siemens and Ignition.We also delivers solutions on Redundant and Hot standby systems which form an integral part of most solutions.

A unique quality of our Automation Solutions is to interface with systems from vendors Like Aveva Wonderware,Rockwell Automation,Siemens and Ignition etc. On standard interfaces like Industrial Ethernet,OPC,ProfiBus and Modbus while delivering an Industrie 4.0 solution.

Tyre Curing Process

Tyre Curing Machine Process Dashboard,Alarms,Historical Trending,Reports,Production details And Recipe configured in SCADA system. We expertise and delivered tyre curing Application in All available platforms in market Like Wonderware, FactoryTalk View, WinCC and Ignition.

Centralized Recipe Management

Recipe for all the shop floor machines maintained in single system with database. Around 1200 nrecipes maintained in single system. Recipe creation, Edit , Delete and Downloaded time to machines with user of the activity available as report.

Downtime Monitoring & Alarm notification

All the shop floor machines status available in single display. Running, Idle, Breakdown, stoppage time and critical alarms can be seen for all the machines. Downtimes Reason capturing and manual entry of reason UI available. Downtime report with reason and dscription available as report.

Banbury Mixing Automation

Banbury mixer application with features consist dashboard,Alarms,Historical Trending. Batch wise detailed report available with process trend of the same.

Engine Assembly Line Monitoring

Engine Assembly line consist 90 stations configured in SCADA. Recipes and operations transferred to each station from SCADA based on Part no which readed through RFID from each station. POKA-YOKE error proofing alerts transferred to each stations from SCADA

Cloth Finishing Line Monitoring

CFL Line configured in SCADA with features consist Recipe, Alarms, Production dashboard. OEE calculation made customized scripting irrespective to Platform.

Digital Tyre Traceability Solution

From Tyre building machines to Palletization Tyres tracibility system implemented in a market leading tyre company. Based on barcode technology system implemented and all the area wise report and overall traced report available against each barcode.

Overall Process & Production Monitoring

Overall Process monitoring SCADA system implemented with features consist Process MIMIC,Recipe,Alarms, Historical Trend. Required data's transferred to MES and ERP system available in the plant through SCADA.

Oil Quenching Line Monitoring

Oil Quenching line SCADA system with features consist recipe, Alarms, Historical Trend Configured in Leading automotive Factory.

Utility SCADA System

Utility Area Dashboard, EMS Dashboard, Usage and Capacity dashboard made in SCADA for Boilers, Cooling tower and Utility motors.

Centralized Solar Plant Monitoring SCADA

All three solar plants of leading solar power Company configured in Single location with energy yield status,Alarm, Dashboard from each plant across india. System implemented with VPN Technology to get the data from remote location.

Blanking Line & Die Press Monitoring

Blanking Line Die press shop of leading CAR Manufacturing company configured in SCADA system with Recipe, Machine process automation done through SCADA.

Data Centre for Industry

Complete Insight of the Data centre made available in SCADA with Dashboard for EMS, Consumption and Alerts. Complete holistic management of the Datacentre made available in SCADA is the main purpose of this system.